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Image by Raphael Cruz

Renewable energies & Storage

The renewable energy market is constantly changing. Changes in regulation and electricity economicsNecessary slide are permanent companions on the market. Since 2018, the “PPA” with its requirements, risks and obstacles has catapulted market participants into a new role.


From the operator to the producer. We faced the challenges early on and can support you in all project phases. Independent & transparent, entirely in your interest. This is how risks become opportunities - and your project becomes a success!


Project developer

  • land and project acquisition

  • battery projects

  • quality assurance

  • Connection to industrial sites (onsite PPA)

  • Bankability

  • Marketing options (tender, offsite PPA)

  • Negotiation

  • Investor access


Asset managers

  • Project evaluation

  • Profile optimization

  • Optimization of network connection 

  • Risk mitigation 

  • quality assurance

  • Marketing strategies

  • PPA Assessment & analysis

  • Flexibility / spot market / balancing energy

  • Stand alone battery projects

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