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Realize projects successfully!

We accompany you in your projects, from development, tendering, construction, financing and the operating phase. The largest system is usually not the optimal one. Nowadays many have questions & topics influence the design of one or more systems. Do I want my own consumption or Feed? Do I want to use memory? How does peak shifting affect the profile?Do I want to optimize myself on the market?What are the energy law requirements for the project? How are energy prices developing? How is my consumption developing? We support you in all phases of the project, even if you have already started.


Existing projects

  • Project evaluation in any status

  • Project support

  • quality assurance

  • Technical & economical project optimization

  • Marketing solutions (tendering, PPA, own consumption)

  • Control of all stakeholders (planners, EPC, experts, certifiers, O&M, banks, insurers, suppliers)

  • Representing your interests

  • Incorporation of our network

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New projects

  • AI-based design of PV / storage / e-charging stations 

  • Consideration of consumption profiles / procurement / network charges etc.

  • Marketing options

  • Variant comparison

  • Economic efficiency analysis

  • Procurement & Project support 

  • Flexibility through control and spot market

  • Recommendations for action

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