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Don't lose sight of the big picture

Sustainability is a word that is quickly used, but it can also involve risks!

We think sustainability holistically! All components from our categories: Renewable, Energy as a Service and Sustainability should be considered with their interactions. This is the only way to achieve the best result.


Reputational risks are avoided with caution and anticipation. The demands from the market are constantly increasing. Take responsibility for yourself and your customers with qualitative and transparent concepts.


Road to Zero

  • Climate neutrality at company, product and contract level

  • Transparent and independent

  • Reduce and Avoid emissions 

  • Compensation with quality

  • Sustainable Development Goals

  • Sustainable Finance

Electric car battery charging


  • Green e-mobility

  • Holistic view

  • Integration of renewable energies

  • Optimization of network charges

  • Load shifting / peak shaving

  • Intelligent infrastructure

  • Operator models

Girl with windmill toy


  • Transparency and independence

  • Visibility of sustainability

  • Avoidance of reputational risks

  • Communication strategies

  • Compensations and guarantees of origin with an impact on the energy transition

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